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Thank you so much for dropping in on our blog — we’re hoping you’re not here totally accidentally… but even if you are… you might be either a foodie or healthy-eater looking for some recipe inspiration! If you don’t fall into either of those categories — well, you do still need to eat — so have a browse while you’re here and see if something catches your culinary eye! If you like what you read, please click the Follow Button which you should find somewhere on this screen – your interest and support would mean a great deal to us!

You can read more about how our blog came to be, and the principles behind it, in the “About Us” tab and, once you have become used to our page layout and the tag cloud, you should be able to find your way round a mix of delicious, nutritious and minxy recipes which take into account many different ways of eating.

You’ll see our newest posts under “Latest Yummies” and our recipes will also be displayed in one of our category tabs above… so, for those of you who only want to look at “Cheats & Treats” (you naughty people!), look into that section for its treasures. For those who are more concerned with Muffin Tops (we feel your pain!) rather than actual Muffins, then the “Skinny Jeans” tab is for you!

The overall ethos of our blog is based on “everything in moderation”… so don’t get too stuck in any one category and explore all the tab options available! We also include a lot of nutritional information regarding many of the ingredients that we use in the “Geek-a-Liscious” section so that you can eat mindfully and learn how clever Mama Nature’s ingredients can be!

We’re not doctors/nutritionists though… so please use your common sense and always be directed by your medical practitioner/nutritionist because they studied super hard and know heaps more about this stuff than we do! We hope that you will enjoy what you read here and that you will stop by again and again — your time on our page really does mean a lot to us!

Stay healthy and happy.

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