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MoschMosch, Heidelberg – Health and Comfort in a big, bowl of Ramen Soup…

Alicia lives in Germany and Priya lives in London. Between us both we travel a fair bit (especially in Europe) and so we’ll be posting some of the meals we’ve had in our home cities (or near enough) and on our travels as well. MoschMosch is a great, fast/healthy and casual restaurant in Heidelberg, not far from where Alicia lives (they also have branches in Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, Köln, Düsseldorf and Mainz.) The restaurant is founded by Germans and is part of a funky, trendy and, for the moment, small chain (we don’t think it will be small for long.)

Despite the German parentage, the food is Japanese in style and features Japanese curries, stir-fries and Ramen soups – which Alicia often goes for because it’s a filling, healthy and tasty meal. Ramens are made up of wheat noodles in different types of broths with fish/meat or tofu in them — so there really is something to suit everyone! This photo is an extreme close up of a huge bowl of Ramen soup with miso, pork belly, mince meat, pak choi, spring onions, sesame and beansprouts.

You can see it is just bursting with flavours and it looks delicious and nutritious! According to their website, it comes in at just 494 calories — which is pretty darn good for a meal out! Priya has eaten there too (thanks to Alicia) and it’s very similar to Wagamama in the UK… you can be fairly healthy and still leave feeling satisfied. Yummy Scrummy!

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