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NOPI, London – Heaven on Earth for Health Conscious Foodies!

NOPI is a Soho based, London restaurant from the team behind Ottolenghi and it serves food with a strong influence from the Middle East and Asia. Every bite there sort of tastes of sunshine and vitality. NOPI is an incredible example of a restaurant which manages to serve up mouth-wateringly delicious healthy food and the best part of all, is that you don’t even feel like you are depriving yourself of anything!

Don’t get us wrong, you can definitely pick a few rich and naughty options from the menu (some of the desserts are so sinful they should come with an X-rating!) – but you can also eat a full, long, lazy meal and pick from an array of balanced, nutritious options. The restaurant offers large meals but is definitely best approached with a Tapas state of mind — choose from a number of small, yummy plates and try a few different things. It is also one of the few restaurants where you can take vegetarians and know that they will be able to feast wonderfully without any worries. It isn’t a veggie restaurant — it’s just got a great balance in terms of lots of amazing veggie dishes and salads as well as fish and meat.

The photo was taken at the restaurant — it’s a platter of the most delicious aubergines surrounded by various, heavily laden dishes of vegetarian delights! The restaurant itself is bright and beautiful (without being at all over the top) and has one of the most fantastic bathrooms ever. Fact. (go see it for yourself.) But the food is what counts and, bathroom bling aside, the food is sublime and you don’t leave with a panicky feeling of having seriously overdone things! (You can though… the coffee financiers or the peanut and roasted caramel ice-cream for dessert are so good that you might as well just sit back, thank God for Lycra and then begin devouring every last delicious mouthful. Mmmmmmmmmmm. Yum.)

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