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Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your waist line!

When you look at this photo of Alicia’s apple snack, you quickly see that even the simplest things can be delicious and satisfying. This almost looks like Autumn in a bowl, bursting with warming spices and plump raisins. This is barely a recipe really — we’re putting it here more for inspiration for you because this is a versatile sweet treat which can be enjoyed hot or cold and both of us love it. It’s good just as you see it here and also as a topping on natural yoghurt, cottage cheese or as a sweetener in a bowlful of porridge. (It is also great on ice-cream and pancakes…our little secret, okay?…shhhhh.)

If you’re going through a phase of strict eating, then this little dish will help you fight sugar cravings by providing a healthy, sweet treat without resorting to added, refined sugars. It can be whipped up in a matter of minutes which means that if a really crazy craving hits you hard, you can get this from fruit to bowl in less than 5 minutes! This dish can be made with apricots, peaches, pears… any fruit you like… but lower sugar fruits, like apples, make a great “skinny” option. In terms of dietary preferences, this ticks the boxes if you are eating paleo, primal, vegan, vegetarian, low GI, alkaline, dairy free, gluten free and , in moderation, might be used if you are doing intermittent fasting and are on a restricted calorie day.

What you need: (1 serving)

  • An Apple (the naturally sweeter ones work nicely with the spices used.)
  • Your choice of SpicesCinnamon, five-spice and nutmeg can be used on their own or in any combination
  • Optional Additions – a little bit of Lemon zest

How to make it:

This is as simple as it gets! Your decision entirely as to whether you want to peel the apple or not (Alicia does, Priya doesn’t.) Once you’ve made that big decision, cut the peeled/unpeeled apple into bite-sized cubes, put them in a pan with a splash of water (around 4-5 tablespoons), add around a 1/4 – 1/2 a teaspoon of cinnamon/five-spice powder/nutmeg.

If you want a citrussy kick, add in a little touch of lemon zest (or whatever citrus zest you prefer.) Let the whole lot simmer gently until the apple turns soft… you can test whether it is cooked by seeing if the tip of a knife will push into the apple easily. Serve it in a nice bowl or eat it straight out of the pan (pro – saves on washing up, con – you might burn yourself and you look a bit, well, desperate!)… savour and enjoy. A treat minus the guilt.

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