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Green is the new Black…

Not all smoothies are made equal. This recipe of Priya’s is a shining example to smoothies around the world of what they can aspire to be. This one has been very carefully thought out to make sure every, single ingredient is making a valid contribution to your overall health, well-being and general mojo (whatever that might be!) Drink one of these a day and your skin will glow, your energy levels will rocket and people will be drawn to you because of the undeniable waves of vitality that you will emit from every pore! Powerful stuff indeed!

We think that a nutrient rich smoothie, like this one, can be a a good meal replacement for breakfast/lunch or dinner occasionally or even a few times a week — hence it being one of our “skinny jeans” friends. Priya tends to have a smoothie for breakfast a few times a week. The bliss of smoothies are that, as long as you know where all your ingredients are, they don’t take more than 5 minutes to get blended and poured into a glass ready for drinking. Perfect for hectic mornings and lazy people (Priya.)

This smoothie can definitely help with diet, detox/cleanses and improving your overall nutritional intake. It provides a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals, slow release carbohydrates, essential fats and, crucially, is not overloaded with too much fruit and so isn’t too high in fruit sugars. The green veg and lemon juice are also powerfully alkalising if any of you who are trying to eat that way — so this really is a beauty for many different dietary preferences. Diabetics can have this as well if they select fruits which are low GI and/or are in an appropriate quantity for their overall sugar intake for the day.

We’d also like to add that we do not condone smoothie abuse in any shape way or form. By this we don’t mean bullying your healthy beverage… we mean total meal replacement with smoothies for weeks on end in a bid to drop weight fast. So many people do this without any clue of how to balance the nutrition side of things and it is painful to watch! For one thing, it can drop your calories way too low which will then make your metabolism sleepier than the Sleepy one of Snow White’s little friends! (Which means, you’ll put all the weight back on again once you start to eat normally!) Plus it’s good to have something to chew on for Goodness sake! It is very obvious from social media pages that “healthy” eating can be taken to such extremes that it begins to become very unhealthy indeed. Everything in moderation, please.

There’s a lot of debate amongst the healthy eaters on social media as to what is best… juices or smoothies? To be honest, they both have a lot going for them and work in slightly different ways. The big plus point that a smoothie has though is that it still contains all the fiber of the fruits/veggies you’re using — whereas in a juice, the pulp/fiber is removed (although it can be used in other ways and we will get to that in later blog posts!) Keeping the fiber in, means that you feel fuller (which is handy if you’re replacing a meal) and it also helps keep your blood sugar steadier as it slows down the absorption of the fruit sugars so you don’t get a sugar spike in the same way that you can with some juices (if they are too fruit heavy.)

That being said, smoothies and juices definitely do both do different things and we will be posting some great juice recipes on here in due course as well as some other smoothies for you to try to. Anyway, back to the here and now… With the recipe below, if there are things you don’t like, leave them out, if there are things you are allergic to, leave them out. If there are things in here you’re not used to, just add a little less to see how you take to them. You can tailor this so it suits your tastebuds and then just dances a vibrant, pleasing little cha-cha-cha on your tongue!

What you need:

  • A blender (a simple hand blender will work ok if you don’t have a jug style blender.)
  • A glass full of Coconut Water (whatever brand you like)
  • 1 tablespoon of ground Nuts of your choice
  • 1 tablespoon of ground Flaxseeds
  • 2 tablespoons of Oats (use gluten free ones if you need/want to)
  • 0.5- 1 teaspoons of matcha powder (our favourite brand is on our page “obsessed”)
  • A small handful of fresh, washed Kale 
  • A small handful of fresh, washed Spinach
  • The juice of half a Lemon (and zest if you’re a citrussy type!)
  • 1 portion of frozen fruit of your choice. By “portion” we mean a “normal” amount of fruit for one person in one sitting – use your common sense — so perhaps 1 banana or 1 peach or a bowl of berries. Just make sure you chop them a bit before you freeze them — this helps them whizz up more easily without killing your blender off!
  • Up to 1 teaspoon on Manuka Honey – if you need some extra sweetness. (Leave this out if you are Vegan.)
  • Some water to thin the smoothie out with.
  • Optional Extras – Echinacea drops, Milk Thistle drops, Cinnamon extract – use whatever quantities your particular brand recommends for 1 dose.

How to Make It:

This really is so simple because you just throw it all into the blender and whizz it up. Give it a taste before you add in the honey and thin it out with water to get it to a consistency you are comfortable with drinking. Do not be alarmed. It is very green. It will look a bit swampy. But it is incredible stuff. Really you can play around with the quantities of any of the ingredients at all — but just try not to go wild on the fruit or honey because , ultimately, you want to try and keep the sugar content low. If you’re new to green smoothies, our suggestion would be to use a ripe banana as your frozen fruit as they really do neutralise the green flavour! But honestly, once you get used to this smoothie, you’ll want to make it greener and greener and you’ll notice the difference in your skin and energy within a week if you manage to guzzle one a day!


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