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Café Sacher, Vienna – if cakes were celebrities, then “Sacher-Torte” is an A-Lister

This summer, Alicia went to the beautiful, capital city of Austria… Vienna. A city rich in so many things (music lovers – think Schubert, Strauss, Mozart, Vivaldi and…for those of you who keep saying what you’re really thinking… the one and only Sigmund Freud!) All that aside, according to culinary legend, from 1832, thanks to a chap called Franz Sacher, it also became home to the world famous cake called the “Sacher-Torte” (or Sachertorte / Sacher Torte, depending on what you’re reading.)

The photo is of the cake (obviously!) from the gorgeous “Café Sacher” which is a wonderful example of a typical Viennese coffee house and is part of the Hotel Sacher group. Hotel Sacher, Vienna is said to closely guard the original and secret recipe for the cake. You heard right… Secret Cake… and it does not disappoint! There are numerous recipes available for the cake… but apparently none of them are genuine!

Café Sacher is in central Vienna, directly opposite the Opera House. Having your slice of Sacher-Torte there is a “Must”. A tourist trip to Vienna wouldn’t be right without it. The location means that it is a great place for people watching, especially if the weather is good and you are lucky enough to get a seat outside — but it’s just as lovely to watch everyone inside enjoying their coffee and cake for the day.

The cake itself is a chocolate cake like no other and, because of the quality of the chocolate is not sickly sweet like many of the chocolate cakes you can buy. A Sacher-Torte is enrobed in dark, chocolate icing (culinary spies suggest that the secret elements are in the icing rather than the cake) and contains a hidden, thin layer of apricot jam which provides just the perfect amount of tartness to offset the rich chocolate flavour. It’s traditionally served with whipped cream (unsweetened.) The only issue is whether you are disciplined enough to have just one piece!


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