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Post-Indulgence Recovery in a glass…

For many of us, December is a month of over-indulgence and increased socialising, both of which can play havoc with our waistlines, energy levels and immune systems. Studies are showing that many people put on around 2lbs/1kg over the Christmas period which they then NEVER fully lose. How annoying!

With this in mind, we think you should try fortifying your more hectic/social/indulgent months of the year with some nutritious smoothies or juices which will fill you with vitality, boost your immune levels and will get you looking absolutely radiant. We know that there is debate in the healthy eating world about “smoothies vs juices” but we think both have their merits and can be enjoyed equally.

Drinking a glass of pure vegetable juice every day is like an instant hit of High Dosage Feel Good Factor. Aside from this, each ingredient in this juice does something to help with our seasonal PIR (Post-Indulgence Recovery.) We all know we need it! Each ingredient supports the immune system in its own way but each veggie here also works specifically to help you.

Beetroot supports the body to detox and repair, carrots and their natural sugars help gently boost energy levels, lemon will perk up the immune system with Vit C and ginger helps indigestion and feelings of nausea or actual sickness. The dash of oil is because one of the key nutrients in carrots (Vitamin A/retinol) is fat soluble — so oil will ensure your body sucks up the carroty goodness like a big, old, thirsty sponge! Whether you have over-indulged on the food side or have a self-inflicted hangover (naughty naughty)… this is the juice for you.

You do need a juicer for this recipe but, honestly, if you’re new to juicing, you don’t need to go out and spend a fortune and, for many of us, this is the perfect time of year to add it to your Christmas Wish List! Get the one that seems the best for your budget, making sure that it can juice a good variety of fruits/vegetables (ideally including leaves like spinach, lettuce and kale.) Also, get one that you can clean easily/stick into the dishwasher (saves on time and manicures!)

You don’t need to drink gallons of the stuff  – just a medium glass will do. And you don’t need to drink this daily as it’s better to try different juices/smoothies during the week rather than sticking to one type… your tastebuds will respond by appreciating the new flavours and your body will respond by sucking in as much of the nutrition as it can. If you’re not yet converted to pure veggie juices, this is a good one to start with because carrots are actually very sweet when juiced (diabetics/those watching blood sugar levels take care.)

One little side effect to warn you of… for those of you not used to taking in concentrated beetroot… beetroot does not lose all its colour as it passes through your digestive system… so, keeping in mind that “what goes in, must come out” we’ll leave you to work out the rest! (On  a serious note — we just want to mention it as genuinely some people have really become quite scared by this beetroot side effect!)

What you need (for one glass): 

  • 1 medium sized, raw Beetroot (ideally organic, well washed and unpeeled)
  • 2 large, raw Carrots (ideally organic, well washed and unpeeled)
  • Fresh, raw Ginger to taste – aim for around 1/2 an inch
  • Lemon juice to taste
  • 1 tsp of oil of your choice (e.g.. flax, extra virgin olive, rapeseed, coconut)
  • Optional – echinacea tincture if you use it, a handful of fresh parsley (it’s an amazing cleanser/detox booster), matcha powder if you want an energy boost (read our write up on our favourite Matcha on our “obsessed” page.)

How to make it:

Follow the guidelines for your particular juicer in terms of how much you need to chop the veg up (don’t peel it though) and how much you can put through the chute/feeder. Then push the beetroot, carrots and ginger through the juicer and watch the juicing magic happen! Finally add the fresh lemon juice, oil and any of the other optional extras that you would like to add!

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