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Smoked Salmon Pâté – snacking for Health & Va-Va-Voom

Snacking creeps up on us in so many different situations… whether we are out socialising, home exhausted after a long day, feeling bored in front of a laptop or watching TV on the sofa. Snacking is a sneaky, silent, slayer which will un-do all your healthy eating efforts if you let it.

We’re not suggesting a life forever free of indulgent snacks… not at all! However, we’re suggesting that naughtier snacks be left as occasional treats/cheats and that the rest of your snacking should at least be mindful and packed with nutrition that is supporting you in a healing, energising and restoring way.

This salmon pâté can dazzle guests at a drinks party (perfect with a glass of something light and refreshing), be snacked on at school/work (in which case use cucumber sticks to dunk into the pâté so that it is easier to pack into a little snack pot/lunchbox) and is just as good for munching when slobbing out at home.

This is essentially smoked salmon whizzed with a “Mixer” of quark/cream cheese/tofu or avocado. Because you are using a “mixer” you can dilute the taste of the salmon quite considerably if you need to and this may be a perfect way for salmon-suspicious children/adults to try it and get a gentle dose of good, omega fats.

So keep this in mind when considering the quantities of salmon-to-mixer that you want to use as this really will depend on how mild you need/want the salmon taste to be. We’d advise against trying this with 100% salmon though as the resulting texture can be stringy, gloopy or even a bit slimy. Blurgh.

This is gluten-free, suitable for paleo/primal/low carb eaters, diabetic-friendly and, if you don’t/can’t do dairy, then we have given a substitution below. This recipe really doesn’t require measuring (we have added some quantities for initial guidance) and all the flavours can be adapted to suit you.

Protein, vitamins, hydration and beautification in each bite — yes you heard right — for the vain amongst you, this snack will get your skin glowing, your hair luxuriant and will restore your levels of Va-Va-Voom. (Please do not smear onto face or hair… it’s good but not that good!) Best of all — it is inexpensive, doesn’t use fancy ingredients, is easy enough for inexperienced cooks and takes just minutes to prepare. Fab-U-Lous.


What you need:

  • A blender – a small, handheld one is perfectly fine.
  • Smoked Salmon (approx. 100g) – try to get the best option for your budget. A very budget friendly option to go for is “smoked salmon trimmings/pieces.”
  • Quark (approx. around 50-100g depending on how mild you want the salmon taste to be.) If you can’t find Quark, cream cheese will do — try for low fat if you want to keep fat consumption down (the salmon is packed with good fats already.)
  • Suggested substitutions for Quark = lactose free cream cheese (if you can handle dairy but not lactose), silken tofu or 1/2 – 1 really ripe avocado.
  • Zest and juice of half a Lemon – if you’re a lemon addict (like we are), you can certainly use more!
  • Fresh Dill – around a teaspoon – finely chopped (save a few longer pieces for decoration.)
  • Cucumber slices to serve (cut to around 1/2 a cm or 1/4 of an inch thick)
  • Freshly ground black pepper.


How to make it:

Chop the smoked salmon into small pieces (if you’re using trimmings, then skip this step as it has already been done for you.) Add the chopped salmon into a bowl and then add your quark, cream cheese or silken tofu to it. If you are using avocado instead, then pre-mash it first. Throw in your lemon juice, lemon zest, chopped dill and a generous grind of black pepper.

Then, blitz the whole lot with your blender until it is nice and smooth. If you prefer things to be a bit chunky — then blend it until it reaches a consistency that you like. You shouldn’t need any salt as the smoked salmon itself will be salty. Chill the pâté for an hour or so in the fridge — or ensure all the ingredients are fridge cold from the start so you can eat/serve it pretty much immediately.

Using your creative flair, arrange the cucumber slices on a plate and put a nice blob/dollop/splodge of the pâté on top of each slice. Decorate with sprigs of Dill and a final flourish of black pepper. This is simple, delicious and nutritious — just as most food should be.

Do give this recipe a try and, if you enjoyed it, please subscribe to our site so that you are notified as and when we update new recipes or reviews. You can also find us on Twitter and Instagram as @TeamGDSJ — so do lend us your support there and tell your friends too!

Thanks for stopping by! Stay happy and healthy!

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  1. What a terrific snack idea – snacks *are* my favorite meal. Love the dill in there; bet that adds great flavor!

    April 9, 2014
    • Thank you! Snacks are our favourite too — we’re both trying very hard to keep most of them healthy… but that doesn’t stop us landing face first into a piece of cake every now and then! We’re only human *sigh* 🙂

      April 9, 2014
  2. This looks and sounds like a great snack! 🙂

    April 10, 2014

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