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Finally… A healthy treat which doesn’t taste of cardboard!

Kallø is a small brand that we have fallen in love with because they just have so many great products. Like us, Kallø believe that sensible eating doesn’t need to involve excluding absolutely everything you love… which, we assume, is how they came up with these delicious Organic Rice Cake Thins — made with brown rice and topped with dark, Belgian chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm.

Funnily enough Priya was introduced to these by a very dear, teenage family friend who was revising for exams and had these in his vast array of study snacks for the day. What impressed Priya the most was that, healthy credentials of the rice cakes aside, this snack was tasty enough for a teenage boy to munch his way through and enjoy without any sense of being deprived of anything. Nice work, Kallø!

At only 55 calories per thin, these provide a great source of fibre, are vegetarian, gluten-free and do not contain any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. So many healthy products/healthy alternatives to yummy things seem to be made out of unpronouncable ingredients and tend to taste horrendous. How often have you eaten a “healthy” biscuit/brownie/cake/chocolate only to shut your eyes and clearly imagine that you are chewing on a piece of wet, brown cardboard box?!

Rest assured, these bad boys are really, really, reeaaalllly tasty! We buy the dark chocolate variety — but they also do these in milk chocolate too, a little naughtier perhaps — but certainly better than a whole bar of the milky stuff. Both types provide just enough sweetness to take the edge off a craving plus a hit of good carbs from the brown rice — the combination leaves you feeling satisfied both physically and from a “i-must-have-chocolate-right-this-second” perspective!

These are available in packs of 2 which are perfect for bags and lunch-boxes and snacking on the go —  or they come in packs of 8 which Kallø rather optimistically suggest that, once opened, can be enjoyed for up to 14 days… 14 days?!? As if a pack of these ravishing rice cakes would ever last that long before being devoured!!!

These were too good not to share with you — give them a try if you see them! Available in stores and online. Find out more about this lovely brand here

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  1. can’t wait to try! Thanks!

    April 29, 2014

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