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If Superheroes ate soup… they’d go for Soupologie.

We have recently fallen a lot in love with a soup brand called Soupologie — their pots of soup provide a perfect instant meal or snack and they taste AMAZING. They have 3 ranges – Simply Delicious, Super Soups or Detox Boost — all of which provide a well thought through hit of nutrition with no compromise on flavour at all.

We have tried two from the Detox range and became so addicted that we kept on buying the same two flavours – Spirulina Greens and Celery, Apple and Ginger! Mmmmmmm…. So yummy and best of all they are both sugar free, suitable for vegans, lactose free and gluten free. They’re also perfect for people on a 5:2 type eating lifestyle too as the calorie count is kept very sensible.

At the moment we believe that this brand is just available in the UK (in stores and online) — so if you are a UK resident and want to support this brand then please visit their website to see where you can pick yours up from! Honestly, this product has been a bit of a superhero for us in the last few weeks as life has been too hectic and exhausting to cook.

These soups are nourishing and healthy and definitely helped to keep us going under pressure… we ate them and went from feeling Blah to feeling Hurrah!!! Check their website out… these may well become a staple in your fridge! They already have a permanent space in ours! If you try other flavours, let us know which ones are your favourite!



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