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Hereford Road, London – we’ll be coming back for more… soooo good!

Hereford Road is a superb, little restaurant tucked away perfectly between Notting Hill Gate, Westbourne Grove and Bayswater. After years of living in the area, Priya finally got round to eating there last weekend for a little birthday dinner for her friend, Miriam  — Happy Birthday again, Miriam! (Everyone, feel free to sing Happy Birthday to Miriam whilst you read this.)

The dinner was really rather delicious and resulted in Priya feeling both happily satisfied but also very cross with herself for not having eaten there sooner… she is now looking for her next excuse to get back asap! It’s not super-trendy or intimidatingly formal/sophisticated… it is simple, understated and elegant — just like the food that is served there. There’s no background music… it is just the sound of cooking, eating and conversation… and it’s really, really nice!

We each had a starter (Priya – crab salad which was zesty, vibrant and full of sweet crabmeat. The Birthday girl – chicken liver salad which was tender and full of flavour… delish!) As you can see from the picture, for our main meal, we decided to share a whole, line-caught Seabass which was cooked to perfection and served with roasted vine tomatoes and a dressed green salad. Literally heaven on a plate … it was so utterly delicious and from a “Team GDSJ” perspective (that’s us by the way!) it was really healthy and we had no sense of depriving ourselves whatsoever.

We could talk here about the fact that our starters and main meal were all low carb, high protein etc… but, seriously people, it was pure coincidence… life is too short for that kind of thinking when you’re going out to a nice place to eat! When a team of talented people are putting love, care and effort into the food they make you — just enjoy it and order what you like! So… in the spirit of enjoyment and full disclosure… we’ll confess that we each ate a thick slab of absolutely delicious bread with salty butter before we had even ordered any part of our meal! We drank a bottle of rather lovely wine between the two of us while we ate and then after all of that, we both had a slice of rather yummy Bakewell Tart for pudding… super comforting, sweet, almondy, jammy loveliness. Did we feel guilty about indulging in a full 3 course extravaganza? Nope. Not one little bit.

Check out all the yummy things on their menu by visiting their website… once you’ve done that, book a table and experience it for yourself in person! Let us know if you do!


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