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About Alicia and Priya

Alicia and PriyaJust to introduce ourselves, our names are Alicia and Priya and we are cousins. Alicia is in her mid 20s and Priya is in her late 30s. Despite our difference in ages, and the fact that we also live in 2 different countries, we have always been extremely close. There are many things that we have in common but, without a doubt, we share a passionate interest in all things food, baking and cookery related. We both spend huge amounts of time talking about recipes, watching cookery programmes, cooking for friends and family and sharing our ideas with each other. Our relatives have often joked that we probably dream about food and cooking while we sleep which is how we came up with the ‘‘gourmet dreams’’ part of our blog name!

Like many people, we do try to ensure that we are balancing our love of all things dee-licious with healthy eating (most of the time)…but because we are most definitely “foodies“ and confident cooks we refuse to compromise on flavour, variety or yumminess. For us, balance is the key, as we do feel that food is a pleasure in life and should be enjoyable regardless of whether it is super healthy or indulgently decadent. Our obsession with food means that we are also very interested in great nutrition and the really positive impact this has on energy levels, feelings of well-being and, for those who are interested, the dress size they are or the dress size they want to be (or waist size for the men out there).

Priya has always been interested in health and fitness but realises she has focussed on the food side of this more in recent years than the exercise side and so she is aiming to combine a healthy lifestyle with a regular exercise regime (as opposed to infrequent bursts of activity throughout the year.) Alicia’s interest in healthy living is more recent but she is now committed to trying to make realistic and manageable changes to her lifestyle in terms of both diet and fitness levels. We want to make sure we feel great and also look great…and so the ‘‘skinny jeans’’ part of our blog name was born!

We are not advocates of  obsessive commitment to highly restrictive diets but we do think that taking a common sense approach to eating means that it can still be a pleasure rather than a periodic source of guilt and despair when you fall off the diet wagon! The motto we try to live by is ‘‘everything in moderation’’ as we feel this can then truly become a lifestyle which is maintainable. Over the years, we have spent so much time photographing and discussing our meals with each other that we thought we could perhaps collaborate together on this blog and share our ideas more widely with anyone who, like us, is trying to achieve a healthier way of living. We really hope that you will read and enjoy!

 Alicia & Priya
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