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Cheats & Treats

We believe that it’s totally okay to enjoy a little bit of what your foodie heart desires every now and again!

  • “Oh-So-Cute” Easter Biscuits (with a spelt & honey recipe option) - Alicia is the keenest baker in our family and she has provided two different biscuit dough recipes here -- “Dough One,” with regular wheat-flour and sugar and “Dough Two”, with spelt flour and honey. We promise you that, although the write up might look complicated, these are actually easy to make and will make you very popular with friends & family!
  • Gluten-free but, more importantly, insanely delicious…chocolate cake. - (Wo)Man cannot live on green smoothies alone. Actually we don’t know that for sure but we don’t advise it and we certainly don’t have any intention of putting it to the test. Our blog is about a healthy lifestyle… not short bursts of impeccable behaviour which are unrealistic on a long term basis. Cooking, eating […]
  • Carbonara Indulgence - A treat meal comes in many forms and they don’t need to be time intensive just because they’re on the more luxurious side of the food spectrum. A good example of this is “pasta carbonara” which, for both of us, is a delicious comfort food which neither of us can pretend is light on calories. Who cares though? Sometimes you just want to eat what you want to eat and calories are not part of the consideration!
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