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Gourmet Dreams

Healthy food should be balanced and delicious…if it feels like a punishment, then you’re doing it wrong!

  • Scallops, Chorizo and a Mashed Potato Imposter! - If you’re sort of lazy in the kitchen and prefer no-hassle cooking, then this recipe is for you. It’s fast, delicious, easy on the waist-line. This is a dish of succulent scallops, cooked with diced chorizo and served on a bed of cauliflower puree/mash -- a great low carb/low cal alternative to mashed potatoes -- it has comfort factor but can be eaten without a guilty conscience.
  • Fancy Something Spicy for the weekend? … - Here is a recipe for a delicious and speedy curry which is actually pretty healthy but impressive enough to serve to your friends and family and get a major amount of praise lavished on you - yay!! It’s also something that can be thrown together relatively easily so, for anyone who finds the notion of cooking a curry too daunting, this is the recipe for you! We've provided a vegan option as well -- so that this recipe is something for everyone!
  • Saucy, Love Apples… for Valentine’s Day (and every other day too.) - If you end up making this for your Valentine... did you know that Tomatoes used to be called “Love Apples” because of their sizzling hot, seductive, scarlet colour and because, in times gone by, they were considered to have aphrodisiac properties (you can thank us later!)
  • Festive and delicious… sinfully, sumptuous soup! - “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping on your nose…” these famous, festive lyrics were written because, for so many of us, the smell of roasting chestnuts IS winter and Christmas. So it seems only right that we should feature a December recipe which is packed with chestnutty yumminess! This soup is tasty […]
  • Burnt Aubergine and Tahini Dip… a sunshine holiday with every mouthful. - This dip is guaranteed to wow, dazzle and impress anyone you serve it to... it is a version of a Middle Eastern dish commonly known as “Baba Ghanouj/Ghanoush.” This is full to the brim with well rounded, earthy flavours and has a beautiful, smoked taste to it because of how the aubergine is prepared. If you combine your mind with your mouth, then every bite will be full of sunshine. Trust us. It’s true.
  • Tabbouleh… a zesty, zingy, mouth explosion of a salad! - This tastes insanely delicious, looks absolutely glorious and impresses anyone you serve it to... if that wasn’t enough, it is healthy and fits in with many dietary preferences as it is vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free, dairy free, alkalising, low in sugars (so could be good for diabetics) and without the carbs should even be paleo/primal friendly. If you have a food processor, this takes just minutes to prepare. If you don’t, well then it will take you longer because of the chopping involved... but food made with culinary TLC (time, love and care) does often taste more delicious...
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