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Sharing is Caring… so this is our edit of favourite products and ingredients that we’re totally in love with! 

  • If Superheroes ate soup… they’d go for Soupologie. - These soups will take you from "Blah" to "Hurrah" in no time at all!! So yummy and best of all they are both sugar free, suitable for vegans, lactose free and gluten free. They’re also perfect for people on a 5:2 type eating lifestyle too as the calorie count is kept very sensible. Check them out!!!
  • Perfect Pots of Puree… a superhero timesaver for busy folk! - These Organic Fruit Purees are by one of our favourite brands, Clearspring, and are a perfect timesaver for us busy types. Made from ripe, organic fruits and prepared using minimal heat, these purees ensure that the natural goodness of the fruit is retained. There are 10 varieties and none of them are made with concentrates, […]
  • Finally… A healthy treat which doesn’t taste of cardboard! - How often have you eaten a “healthy” biscuit/brownie/cake/chocolate only to shut your eyes and clearly imagine that you are chewing on a piece of wet, brown cardboard box?! Well, rest assured, these bad boys are really, really, reeaaalllly tasty and will keep your choccie/sugar cravings under control! Hurrah!
  • Eat Nakd (but you can keep your clothes on if you’d like!) - We cannot actually emphasise enough just how in love we are with Nakd Bars and Nakd Oatie Bars! These snack bars are a perfect way to satisfy sweet cravings without taking in any refined sugars, processed ingredients or nasty additives. They're the size of a regular chocolate bar -- so very easy to stash in a bag so that you can have a healthy snack on hand for energy emergencies...
  • No Longer just a Guilty Pleasure… - This brand delivers some of the most incredible cacao and chocolate you can possibly imagine and is set up by a chap called Willie Harcourt-Cooze (we kid you not — that is his real name!) He is utterly obsessed with the stuff and appreciates cacao in the way some people learn about wine, coffee and […]
  • Matcha/Maccha Magic – your skinny BFF - Matcha is basically just very finely milled green tea and is busting at the seams (something we don't want to do!) with nutritional goodness. They say it has 137 times the antioxidants of regular green tea -- because unlike just drinking green tea the usual way, with Matcha you are actually ingesting the whole leaf. They also say it has 9 times the amount of beta-carotene than spinach. (We're not sure who "they" actually are by the way!)
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  1. hollybeltran #

    I love match tea! It already has a yummy flavor so you do not need to add sugar! Great Post. Did not know it was 9 times better then green tea.

    April 11, 2014
    • So they say! It’s good in a smoothie before “pink trainer” time at the gym too 😉

      Glad you liked the post! Thank you for taking the time to comment! x

      April 11, 2014

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