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Skinny Jeans

Truly delicious, nutrient-dense meals, smoothies and juices to help cleanse, detox & re-focus your efforts!

  • Delicate, Dainty and Delicious – Prawn and Asparagus Heaven - Available in white and green varieties, asparagus is delicate, dainty and delicious. It is also packed with health benefits which have been recognised since ancient times and many believe that asparagus contains aphrodisiac properties too... so either way it’s a win/win situation! This is low carb, low sugar, low calorie and low fat but still filling, super tasty and nutritious!
  • Smoked Salmon Pâté – snacking for Health & Va-Va-Voom - Snacking is a sneaky, silent, slayer which will un-do all your healthy eating efforts if you let it. This snack is super healthy and beautifying (probably!) -- for the vain amongst you, this snack will get your skin glowing, your hair luxuriant and will restore your levels of Va-Va-Voom in no time!
  • Post-Indulgence Recovery in a glass… - For many of us, December is a month of over-indulgence and increased socialising, both of which can play havoc with our waistlines, energy levels and immune systems. Studies are showing that many people put on around 2lbs/1kg over the Christmas period which they then NEVER fully lose. How annoying! With this in mind, we think […]
  • Watermelon Salad – Pretty, Pink and Perfect for Princesses (and everyone else really) - Breathe the Watermelon... Feel the Watermelon... Be the Watermelon. A fast and easy salad (there’s a smutty joke to be made somewhere here) which can be used as a canapé, starter, accompaniment, part of a mezze or as a light lunch or dinner. It’s refreshing, hydrating, nutritious and it's pink and pretty!! What's not to like?
  • Green is the new Black… - Very carefully thought out to make sure every, single ingredient is making a valid contribution to your overall health, well-being and general mojo (whatever that might be!) Drink one of these a day and your skin will glow, your energy levels will rocket and people will be drawn to you because of the undeniable waves of vitality that you will emit from every pore!
  • Fennel and Green Apple salad…crunchy, cleansing and fabulously fresh! - This is one of Priya's favourite quick salads to make as it tastes incredibly fresh and clean. It is so refreshing that it tastes like biting into a clean, zingy snowball, whilst standing on the peak of a snow-capped mountain wearing your best bikini/swim wear and then gargling cold, minty mouthwash... kind of. You know what we mean. It's good. It is also raw, alkaline, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, primal and low GI... whoop whoop!
  • A bowl of porridge bursting with blueberries and goodness Breakfast of Champions! - Porridge has the benefit of being highly flexible to suit varying dietary needs and intolerances (as you will see from the ingredients below.) You can have your porridge plain or with various healthy additions and can make it tailored to your needs! It takes just a couple of minutes to microwave or a few minutes longer on the stove. Whether you decorate your bowl with a pretty heart shape of berries (like in Alicia's photo) and just how much time you take to savour it... is entirely up to you!
  • Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your waist line! - This almost looks like Autumn in a bowl, bursting with warming spices and plump raisins. This is barely a recipe really -- we're putting it here more for inspiration for you. This is a versatile little sweet treat which can be enjoyed hot or cold and which both of us love. It's good just as you see it here and also as a topping on natural yoghurt, cottage cheese or as a sweetener in a bowlful of porridge.
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