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Posts tagged ‘alkaline’

Green is the new Black…

Very carefully thought out to make sure every, single ingredient is making a valid contribution to your overall health, well-being and general mojo (whatever that might be!) Drink one of these a day and your skin will glow, your energy levels will rocket and people will be drawn to you because of the undeniable waves of vitality that you will emit from every pore!

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Tabbouleh… a zesty, zingy, mouth explosion of a salad!

This tastes insanely delicious, looks absolutely glorious and impresses anyone you serve it to... if that wasn’t enough, it is healthy and fits in with many dietary preferences as it is vegan, vegetarian, wheat-free, dairy free, alkalising, low in sugars (so could be good for diabetics) and without the carbs should even be paleo/primal friendly. If you have a food processor, this takes just minutes to prepare. If you don’t, well then it will take you longer because of the chopping involved... but food made with culinary TLC (time, love and care) does often taste more delicious...

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Fennel and Green Apple salad…crunchy, cleansing and fabulously fresh!

This is one of Priya's favourite quick salads to make as it tastes incredibly fresh and clean. It is so refreshing that it tastes like biting into a clean, zingy snowball, whilst standing on the peak of a snow-capped mountain wearing your best bikini/swim wear and then gargling cold, minty mouthwash... kind of. You know what we mean. It's good. It is also raw, alkaline, vegan, vegetarian, paleo, primal and low GI... whoop whoop!

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Satisfy your sweet tooth without sacrificing your waist line!

This almost looks like Autumn in a bowl, bursting with warming spices and plump raisins. This is barely a recipe really -- we're putting it here more for inspiration for you. This is a versatile little sweet treat which can be enjoyed hot or cold and which both of us love. It's good just as you see it here and also as a topping on natural yoghurt, cottage cheese or as a sweetener in a bowlful of porridge.

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