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Perfect Pots of Puree… a superhero timesaver for busy folk!

These Organic Fruit Purees are by one of our favourite brands, Clearspring, and are a perfect timesaver for us busy types. Made from ripe, organic fruits and prepared using minimal heat, these purees ensure that the natural goodness of the fruit is retained.

There are 10 varieties and none of them are made with concentrates, sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colourings/flavourings or hidden sugars. Reading the ingredient list  is refreshingly brief because there is nothing in these apart from fruit — no weird chemical names, no weird numbered ingredients and no sneaky syrups. These are also totally dairy, wheat and gluten free… Hurrah!

We have used these in all sorts of ways now – paired with natural yoghurt (to be eaten straight away or frozen into ice-lollies), stirred into porridge and also used instead of sugar-packed jam for those moments when only jam on toast will do. At the other end of the spectrum, these make a perfect accessory for good vanilla ice cream and as an ingredient to homemade mocktails/cocktails (shhhhhhh… that’s our little secret.)

To find out more about clearspring, take a look at their website and learn about their values as a company, their incredibly high standards and, most importantly, how/where you can get your hands on the things you like by checking their list of international stockists!




“Oh-So-Cute” Easter Biscuits (with a spelt & honey recipe option)

Alicia is the keenest baker in our family and she has provided two different biscuit dough recipes here -- “Dough One,” with regular wheat-flour and sugar and “Dough Two”, with spelt flour and honey. We promise you that, although the write up might look complicated, these are actually easy to make and will make you very popular with friends & family!

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