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Posts tagged ‘omega fats’

Scallops, Chorizo and a Mashed Potato Imposter!

If you’re sort of lazy in the kitchen and prefer no-hassle cooking, then this recipe is for you. It’s fast, delicious, easy on the waist-line. This is a dish of succulent scallops, cooked with diced chorizo and served on a bed of cauliflower puree/mash -- a great low carb/low cal alternative to mashed potatoes -- it has comfort factor but can be eaten without a guilty conscience.

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Smoked Salmon Pâté – snacking for Health & Va-Va-Voom

Snacking is a sneaky, silent, slayer which will un-do all your healthy eating efforts if you let it. This snack is super healthy and beautifying (probably!) -- for the vain amongst you, this snack will get your skin glowing, your hair luxuriant and will restore your levels of Va-Va-Voom in no time!

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