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Finally… A healthy treat which doesn’t taste of cardboard!

How often have you eaten a “healthy” biscuit/brownie/cake/chocolate only to shut your eyes and clearly imagine that you are chewing on a piece of wet, brown cardboard box?! Well, rest assured, these bad boys are really, really, reeaaalllly tasty and will keep your choccie/sugar cravings under control! Hurrah!

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“Oh-So-Cute” Easter Biscuits (with a spelt & honey recipe option)

Alicia is the keenest baker in our family and she has provided two different biscuit dough recipes here -- “Dough One,” with regular wheat-flour and sugar and “Dough Two”, with spelt flour and honey. We promise you that, although the write up might look complicated, these are actually easy to make and will make you very popular with friends & family!

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